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Welcome to DK Destinations, where opulence meets family bliss. As your dedicated travel experts, we specialize in group travel where we curate unforgettable luxury beach vacations and family getaways, whether it’s adults only or with your little ones. Picture pristine shores, exclusive resorts, and personalized itineraries that cater to both indulgence and family-friendly activities. Let us design a seamless escape where you can bask in luxury under the sun while creating cherished moments with your loved ones. Elevate your vacation experience with the perfect blend of sophistication and family joy.

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We provide a diverse range of packages tailored to your dream destination.

Through collaborations with travel vendors, we can elevate our travel services, enhancing and enriching the overall travel experiences for our customers.

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Visit the most beautiful beaches and relax while sailing the ocean

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Explore Magical Vacations at a Disney Resort or Disney Cruise


Meet our seasoned travel expert, Dellwyn Smith, who has been at the helm of the travel business for over five years. Dellwyn’s journey to travel advisor is as inspiring as the destinations she recommends. With a deep-seated passion for travel ignited by cherished family trips of the past, coupled with a profound love for discovering new experiences, she has seamlessly transitioned her expertise from the legal realm to curating unforgettable travel adventures for others.

With a wealth of experience and an avid wanderlust, Dellwyn has explored numerous destinations across the United States, indulged in the beauty of Caribbean vacations, and sailed the high seas on unforgettable cruises. Dellwyn’s passion for travel and in-depth knowledge make her the perfect guide to curate your next extraordinary journey.


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